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We provide artificial grass and synthetic turf installation in Parkland, FL. Our experience covers residential lawns, backyard putting greens, pet areas, commercial, and more.

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Artificial Grass Installation

As local business in Florida, we're the leading artificial grass installers in the Parkland area and Broward County. If you're thinking about replacing your natural grass area with fake grass, it's a wonderful investment, as it's an attractive project that will increase your property value.

Known for its durability and low maintenance advantages, it can be used in a variety of applications such as:

Lawns: a great choice for residential and commercial lawns if you want to upgrade your traditional landscaping because it is durable and there are many materials for different applications and traffic volume. It is also a good choice for those who have allergies to grass pollen, as artificial turf does not produce pollen.

Pet areas
: pets will love an artificial grass area because it's safe for them to use, and easy for you to clean up. You just need to wash it, and it won't suffer from stains or smells.

Playgrounds: artificial turf is a safe surface for kids on playgrounds as well as pets. It is shock absorbent, which helps to protect children from falls. It is also non-toxic and safe for children and pets to play on.

Sports fields: turf installation is a popular choice for sports fields because lets players and athletes practice and use the field throughout the entire year. As it does not experience mud pools, it can provide a consistent playing surface. For areas this large, imagine the tremendous amount of money you will save in water irrigation and lawn maintenance, when comparing to real grass.

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What is the Cost of Artificial Grass?

The total cost for an artificial grass installation typically ranges from $8 to $22 per square foot (materials and labor). Final price is affected by project size and selected materials, with larger projects receiving volume discounts.

Lawn and Landscapes


Putting Greens


Sports Fields


Pet Areas


backyard putting green turf
Practice Putting All Season

Backyard Putting Green

Backyard putting greens are another great way to practice your precision puts anytime of the year at the comfort of your home. Materials today offer realistic playing conditions in any climate, and consistent speed and ball roll.

Artificial turf putting greens look great, and like traditional turf, are low maintenance, and easy to maintain. They work well in patios and backyard as well as indoor spaces and even commercial offices.

Putting green turf material is different from traditional turf and we'll be sure to work with you and select the best one that meets your needs and experience level. If you want to add different features such as a bunker or water feature, we got you covered.

From common kidney shapes and figure eights, to custom course shapes and golf courses, our design an construction team is ready to get to work.

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Give Your Pets a Long Lasting Turf Area

Artificial Grass for Dogs

Artificial grass pet areas and dog runs are a wonderful way to let them have fun without any of the maintenance. Pet turf looks realistic and is easy to clean.

If you see any large waste, it is important that it be removed immediately. The more dogs or pets you have, the more important this will be! Next you can rinse the grass area with a hose and then apply the area with a bacteria cleaner—this eliminates the odor.

The synthetic grass material choice will depend on the amount of traffic and use you will get out of your pets, and if they are large or small, but the turf itself can last 10–15 years. Think about all the money you save from lawn maintenance!

The best artificial grass for dogs contains antimicrobial protection, have a shorter pile height (for easy waste removal) and are durable and fade resistant.

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What is Synthetic Grass?

Synthetic grass for artificial grass installation is a plastic manufactured material that resembles natural grass. It is a durable, low maintenance product that saves cost from water irrigation and lawn maintenance.

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Our Experience

Synthetic Grass Services

We have several different turf services for residential and commercial customers. Speak to our design team to find the product that fits your application.

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Artificial Lawn and Landscapes

Give your front or backyard lawn a durable an realistic turf upgrade.

Backyard Putting Greens

Practice putting throughout the year with synthetic turf.

Turf Patios and Pool Decks

Surround your backyard patio or pool deck area with turf.


Turf Sports Fields

Save water and maintenance costs with durable synthetic turf for all sports.

Artificial Turf for Pets

Give your pets an artificial grass area that's non-toxic and easy to clean.

Synthetic Grass Playgrounds

Protect the surface for kids with an artificial turf playground area.

Artificial grass installation layers
Turf Material for Every Application

Artificial Turf Material

A quality synthetic grass installation is composed of several different steps, that involve ground preparation. Above the native ground soil are several layers that are installed: a compacted base, a weed barrier, turf infill, and lastly the artificial turf material itself.

The installation begins at the native soil level and we work our way up. The native ground first has to be compacted with machinery until it acts as a firm foundation. On top of that goes in a careful mixture of gravel and sand, which will allow for proper drainage.

On top of the compacted base gravel is the weed barrier, followed by the infill and turf. Infill is the material that sits between the blades of grass. It helps give structure to the blades, allowing them to remain upright. It also helps to prevent UV damage from sunlight, drainage, and protects the foundation.

When you start a project with an experienced fake grass installer, you can be confident that your synthetic grass installation will be of quality and will last for several years to keep family, friends, and pets entertained.

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The Quality Difference

Artificial Grass Products

Durability and quality are directly related when choosing artificial grass products. Our high quality turf is durable, has a thick pile height, and has color variance.

Low quality turf on the other hand is cheap, plastic to the touch, and has almost no color realism. These products are less durable and uninstall easily.

high quality artificial grass material

High quality artificial grass

low quality artificial grass material

Low quality artificial grass

Fake Grass Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the cost of artificial turf?

This is a hard question to answer, as the range varies on several factors, such as the size of the project, the material, and the features needed. Typical costs can range from $8 to $22 per square foot. A 500 sq. ft. lawn can come in around $5000.

How do you clean synthetic turf?

Turf maintenance is easy, as all you would have to do is remove dust and debris with a rake or broom, spray or hose it down with water or a specialized cleaner and let it air dry!

Can I install turf myself?

A proper installation requires several steps and requires some special machinery for ground compaction. Depending on your experience, we highly recommend hiring a professional artificial grass company, as that will save time and headache.

Are there downsides to artificial grass?

Artificial grass is an expensive investment up front. It requires a lot of labor and materials, but will pay itself off for years to come. The surface of turf as well tends to be warmer compared natural grass. This may prove to be a challenge in hotter climates.

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